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More About Andrey

User Interface Design (UI/UX) and Web development

Andrey has been working in web technology for over 10 years. His career began in 2004 as a designer at an advertising company. After gaining extensive experience in advertising design, he shifted his focus towards web design and website development.

Gradually, interface design and front-end development became his focus area. Symbiosis of knowledge of web design, marketing, web development and project management practices allows him to be extremely efficient with complex tasks. When designing, he considers many factors: appealing graphics, user friendliness, development features, capabilities, budget and more.

Andrey has experience designing complex interfaces where many trade-offs need to be considered and has learned what mistakes to avoid.

His current focus has been user interface design and front-end development with React JS and PHP. He is known to be a team player and welcomes design discussions with all key project participants, including programmers. This approach helps to quickly identify flaws, simplifies development and reduces misunderstandings within the project team and with the customer.


A good design is not a beautiful picture.
A good design should take into account the following principles:

Business goals

First of all, the design must meet the business goals of the product. An ugly but useful interface is better than a nice, but unusable one.


Web design should take into account the features of web development. It should be technologically feasible within the budget.

Attention to detail

Mock-ups must be suitable for real use: images that the user will use, titles and text of different lengths. No "text text text text text" in the mock-ups.

Benefits for users

Good interface design fulfills the needs of the user, not the designer's self-expression.


Although the title says that the interface design is not about appearance, but still a nice and neat interface is important. This can be a decisive factor for the user.

Someone else's opinion

It is very important to listen to third-party opinions: the customer or the developer. Even if it seems wrong at first, it's worth considering.


Jul 2017 – Sep 2021

Matching CRM system

Development and maintenance of matching services to specialties across the spectrum of medicine. Responsibilities: Graphic design, Design Interfaces, Analysis the user interfaces and drawing up recommendations for improvement, Mock-ups refactoring, Development of the app UI components, UI refactoring and feature additions to the product after rough implementation. Achievements: The appearance of the service has been improved; A friendly interface is implemented in many sections of the service.

Apr 2016 – Sep 2021

Website for provider of digital curriculum

Website development for a digital learning provider based on customer mock-ups. Periodic updates as required. Responsibilities: UI design, Adaptation of design mock-ups for real conditions of use, Drupal architecture design, Front-end development, Back-end development. Achievements: A successful project that has been operating for 5 years.

Mar 2019 – Apr 2019

Cloud Product Promo Site for Cloud systems integration and app development company

Development of a promo site with animation effects. Responsibilities: Web design, Graphic design (Illustrations, Backgrounds, icons), UI Animation, Full stack development. Achievements: An attractive promo site has been developed.

May 2016 – Sep 2020

Advanced Retina Imaging Network Hub

Development of a hub with tools for collaboration of industrial teams in the field of ophthalmology. Responsibilities: UI design, Adaptation of design mock-ups for real conditions of us, Front-end developmentAchievements: Developed collaboration service industry professionals in the field of ophthalmology.

Sep 2020 – Dec 2020

Insider Risk Management Service

Development of a web service for expert consulting, appraisal, training and personal corporate services. Responsibilities: Design UI wire-frames. Achievements: Created wire-frames for MVP development

Jul 2018 – Dec 2018

HR service

Development of HR service to AutoFit and analytics. Responsibilities: Creating Mock-ups of the maps with charts, Development of the analytic maps (Google Map API). Achievements: Developed analytic maps.

Jul 2018 – Sep 2018

Risk assessment service

Development of Custom Solution on Grievances Linked to Risks of Conflict, Human Rights Violations. Responsibilities: Design Interfaces, HTML prototype development. Achievements: Created mock-ups and HTML prototypes for MVP development.

Apr 2017 – Nov 2017

University Recruitment Service

Improving University Recruitment Cost and Student Retention with Machine Learning Algorithms. Responsibilities: Creating Mock-ups of the maps with charts, Development of the analytic maps (Google Map API). Achievements: Developed analytic maps.